News/Press 2007

News/Press 2007

Article (in Swedish) about the dental clinic in No 15 of the Journal of The Swedish Dental Association.



After approval by the Swedish Auditing Authority, the Ncuma Oral Health Foundation was provided a so called 90-account. The designated account number is 90 01 32-2. For international transactions the relevant IBAN / account number is SE86 9500 0099 6018 0900 1322.

Article (in English) from the inauguration in Cape Times; also a picture of Desmond Tutu.


Today Philani´s extended main clinic, including the dental clinic, was (re)inaugurated / blessed by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

05-12-2007 –12-12

The dental equipment arrived on 5th December to Cape Town harbour, but due to custom clearing procedures the bulk of the equipment was not trucked to Philani in Khayelitsha until 11th December. The fifth and last pallet box did not arrive until 10 am on 12th December. Therefore, the installation work was somewhat hectic, but due to a skilled Swedish dental technician, Mr. Bengt Friberg, the main installation work was ready by the inauguration at 10.30 am on 13th December.


Today five pallet boxes containing dental equipment were collected from a dental service company in Skepplanda, outside Göteborg, and on 9th November the pallet boxes were taken on board a ship in Göteborg´s harbour. The arrival at Cape Town is expected on 3rd December.


The dental health project will be presented at the Swedish Annual Dental Congress on 8-10th November 2007 at the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Göteborg.


During the Göteborg Book Fair, the Chairperson of the Foundation met with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and they discussed, among other things, the Foundation and Philani´s dental clinic. Desmond Tutu is an active and supportive patron for Philani. Desmond Tutu will inaugurate the dental clinic on 13th December 2007.


Article (in Swedish) about the dental health project in No 6 2007 of Rotary Norden.

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