News/Press 2009

Oct 2009
Ms. Nnuku Banda has been employed as Senior Oral Hygienist at part-time (75%) to mainly work with oral health educational issues at day-care centres, schools etc., throughout Khayelitsha. Nnuku, who also speaks Xhosa, is also responsible for the education and guidance of the Health Workers.

Dr. Faud Williams, a local dentist, has been employed part-time (8 hours per week). This means that the clinic can offer acute and reparative treatments on a more regular basis.

Sep 2009
The dentists Wivi-Anne Sjöberg och Ulla-Karin Eriksson from VGR in Sweden have been working for 4 weeks at the clinic. They have also written diary entries.

Jun/Jul 2009
Four dental students (last year students) have been screening some 400 children as part of their exam works.

2009 jun2009-2

May 2009
With appreciation the Foundation will inform that a larger organization, The Jochnick Foundation, has elected to financially support the Foundation´s activities during a two-year period. This means that the Foundation will be able to increase the staff at the dental clinic.

Apr 2009
As from April 2009 the oral hygienist Ntsiki Khau is employed 6 hours per working day at the dental clinic.

Mar 2009
Two oral hygienist students (last year students) have conducted clinical practice at the clinic during three weeks.

2009 mar2009

Feb 2009
Dentist Malin Axetorn from Halmstad, Sweden, worked as a volunteer at the dental clinic during February 2009. If the patients are children, 3-6 years of age, normally several adults need to participate in various ways during the dental treatment. When an adult is treated small children are often present in the treatment room.

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