Phambili Oral Health Project
The Foundation´s second oral health project consists of education activities in basic oral health as well as the running of a dental clinic in the Broadlands community outside Cape Town.

Education in Oral Health
A senior oral hygienist, employed at half-time, is educating and training children in basic oral health at various crèches and day-care centers in Broadlands. By participating at meetings with parents, the oral hygienist (who speaks Afrikaans) gets the opportunity to also provide parents with oral health information.

The Dental Clinic
The dental clinic has one fully equipped treatment room.

Student exchange
Pursuant to the regarding student exchange between the Faculties of Dentistry at the Universities of the Western Cape and Gothenburg, respectively, dental and oral hygienist students can, as part of their graduation works, examine and register the oral status of children up to 6 years of age (as is also the case at the Philani dental clinic).

The first such examining of the dental status of children in the Broadlands community took place in 2012 and both dental and oral hygienist students did a similar dental status examination in 2013.

Results for both clinics
The treatment results for the clinics are presented below following a joint examination by dental- and oral hygieniststudents at both clinics.

The following results were achieved during 2013:

– 112 crèches were visited and 4522 children were screened and educated in basic oral health,
– at the clinics 2897 children were examined, educated and received preventative treatments (scaling, polish and fluoride treatments),
– 1076 teeth have been fissure sealed,
– 689 teeth have been filled and 674 teeth were extracted.